Gallagher Battery Back-up Charger for the entire MBS range of energizers

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The Gallagher Battery Back-up Charger is a simple accessory compatible with MB i-Series energizers and the MB/MBS range of energizers. The device provides battery power back up in the event of mains power failure and is an important component where 24/7 fence operation is critical (i.e. Farm security fencing). The product is fully encapsulated in an aluminum box for maximum heat dissipation and protection against moisture.

The Battery Back-up Charger is quick and easy to install, connecting in-line between the energizer and power supply unit. The battery leads connect to a 12V lead-acid battery, which is continuously trickle charged by the Battery Back-up Charger. Should mains power fail, the unit automatically switches over, running the energizer from the connected lead-acid battery. The system maintains power on the fence for farmers that experience power outages, thereby maintaining stock control for as long as the connected battery capacity lasts. The battery capacity connected to the Battery Back-up Charger should be chosen to cover the period of time the farmer wishes to cover for potential mains power failure.


Easy to install – the device is compatible with MB iSeries and MB/MBS energizers, simply plugging in between the mains power supply and the energizer, and connecting to an external 12V lead acid backup battery (sold separately).
LED indication – The two LEDs on the battery back-up charger indicate whether the energizer system is running off mains or battery power source.
Battery Trickle Charging – When mains power is available, the Battery Back-up Charger trickle charges the battery used to operate the energizer during times of power outage.
Gallagher Reliability: Extensive testing and industry-leading manufacturing processes provide exceptional reliability under harsh farm conditions.