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New Gallagher MBS Mid-Range Energizers

Premium Models – MBS100, MBS200, MBS400 and MBS800

More advanced than the discontinued economy models. These products can run from either mains supply, battery or solar and used for permanent or portable installations.

  • Rotary switch for mode selection.
  • LED bar graph to display fence voltage performance and battery status.
  • 1,2,4,8 stored Joules respectively.
  • Fence earth lead-set, battery lead-set and power adaptor included.
  • Superior fence performance!
  • Wall and post mountable.
  • Design associated with portable solar range.

They feature three operating modes and battery check mode:

  • Mains power mode – Mains power will be achieved with an AC/DC power supply. Suitable for permanent installations where mains power is available. In this mode, the energizer will always
    output its maximum energy and have a fixed pulse rate.
  • Solar mode – In this mode, the smart battery management algorithm manages the battery capacity and battery charging to ensure the product operates continuously. If the battery voltage is low due to prolonged periods of low sunlight, the energizer will adapt to protect the battery from long term damage.
  • Battery only mode – In this mode, the energizer will always output its maximum energy and have a fixed pulse rate independent of the battery voltage. This mode is suitable for users who require optimum energizer performance all the time and are prepared to replace the battery when needed.

Battery check mode – The user can use this mode to see the state of their 12V battery using the bar chart.

The MBS100, MBS200, MBS400 and MBS800 energizers will replace the battery-powered B80, B180, B280 and B700 energizers. They will also replace the mains powered M120, M150, M300 and M600 energizers.

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