Additional Tank Unit Level Sensor

Tank UnitFeatures
An extra Tank Unit and Level Sensor to add to your existing water monitoring system. Up to eight additional Tank Unit and Level Sensors can be connected to one Display.

Tank Unit

Transmits the data measured by the sensor to the Display Unit
The Tank Unit needs to be line of sight with the Touchscreen Display
Standard antenna for up to 4km / 2.5 miles, line of sight (can be upgraded with Long/Ultra Long Range Directional Antenna to increase range to 5km (G98502) or 10km / 6 miles (G98500))
Solar powered – no need to change batteries
UV resistant marine grade plastic for durability in farming conditions.
Level Sensor

Measures liquid level in the tank
Super high quality Marine Grade (316) stainless steel construction
Ruggedised polyethylene cable
Precision locking waterproof connector
Automatic calibration
4 m/13ft total length (also available in 10m length (G98801)).
For help and advice, visit Water Monitoring System Frequently Asked Questions.

Extra Information

Product Variances

Code Description
G98232 Tank Unit and Level Sensor
G98234 Mains Powered Tank Unit and Level Sensor

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