Wood Post Pinlock Insulator

Wood Post Pinlock InsulatorFeatures
Wood Post Pinlock Insulator is designed for easy installation/removal of wires along drains etc
Pin comes with easy adjustment tab
Large shield prevents pulse arcing between wire and post for maximum power reliability
Increased distance of staple hole from shield
Easy to nail on
Heavy duty jaw for greater strength on high and low contour
Made from UV resistant polyethylene plastic
Note: Leave staple loose to allow for expansion and contraction of plastic.

Extra Information

Dimensions: width 44 (mm) / 1.7 (inch)
height 81 (mm) / 3.2 (inch)
depth 36 (mm) / 1.4 (inch)

Weight: 0.02 (kgs) / 0.04 (lbs)
Warranty: 10 years
Colours: black or white

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