M2800i Fence Energizer System

“Powerful Midrange Energizer for 24/7 fence monitoring”


M2800I Fence Energizer System, an intelligent system that talks to you
Working together the i Series system (Energizer, Energizer Controller, Fence Monitor & Remote/Fault Finder) provides fence information at a glance and if it detects any faults, leads you directly to them, saving you hours of searching.


Energy efficient, the Energizer provides incredible fence performance for the unit’s power size – adjusting its power output to suit your fence conditions and minimise power consumption.

  • Delivers maximum power for the control of wildlife in medium game protected areas and small to medium security fence applications.
  • M2800i – Powers up to 20km of multi-strand electric fencing. A realistic value for South African conditions will be 8-10km of multi-strand electric fencing.
  • Quick scan LED fence performance lights : green light shows fence OK, red light flashes if there’s a fence fault and solid red light shows sudden increase in fence load.
  • Easy installation and good connection using split bolt recessed terminals.
  • User safety and reliable animal or human control with in-built lightning and short circuit protection.
  • Better fence management with output, earth and fence voltage alarms.
  • Flexible power options – can be used with an inverter (modified) to allow battery back-up operation.

Energizer Controller – total peace of mind that your fence is working correctly

Shows all of your fence performance information (e.g. voltage, faults and location) in one convenient separate display box that can be located up to 50m away from the Energizer.

  • Displays voltage and current readings at the Energizer and for up to 6 attached Fence Monitors.
  • Locate in a convenient spot for instant updates e.g. side of the shed.
  • Locate fault zones quickly and use the Controller to turn the Energizer on/off.
  • Fully waterproof for indoor or outdoor placement.

Fence Monitor – a watchful eye on all corners of your fence

The M2800i comes with one monitor included, add up to five more on your fence system to turn it into a fully monitored set up that keeps the Energizer Controller constantly up to date with fence performance.

Remote & Fault Finder – save hours searching for & fixing faults

  • The Remote pinpoints the fault within the monitored zone and enables you to turn off the Energizer during repair and on again once complete.
  • Compatible with SMS Energizer Controller which enables alarms to be sent to your phone, fence performance status checked and energizer turned on/off via text message.
    Energizer can also be connected to an Alarm System which monitors a section of fence and drives external strobe lights, sirens or alarms panels if the circuit is broken eg. gate opened or a wire cut.
M2800i Technical Specifications
Fence Distance : Km 20 Km
Fence Distance – Realistic 8-10Km
Distance Powered : Hectares 120 Ha
Input Voltage 220v – 240v
Maximum Stored Energy 28 Joules
Maximum Output Energy 16 Joules
Output Voltage @ 500 Ω 8,000 Volts
Output Voltage @ 200 Ω 7,300 Volts
Output Voltage @ 100 Ω 5,700 Volts
Minimum number of earth rods required 7 Earth Rods
Physical Details
Weight : kilograms (2 x packages) 3.8 kg or 4.8 kg
Volume : Metric 345 x 223 x 90mm