B11 Energizer

“Strip Grazer”


  • B11 Energizer is Ideal for strip grazing and protecting gardens from small animals.
  • Powers up to 500 meters of multi-strand electric fencing. A realistic value for South African conditions will be 100-300 meters of multi-strand electric fencing.
  • Designed for simple installation and use
  • Robust, durable design for long life.
  • Compact and portable case designed to enclose batteries.
  • Weatherproof electronics.
  • Battery options: 6 Super Heavy Duty Long Life “D” cell batteries or 12 Volt deep cycle rechargeable. battery (leisure, marine type) – not included.
  • Large earth and fence terminals (earth and fence leads included).
  • Adjustable battery-save options extend battery life.
  • 12v Battery leads included.
  • Battery life: up to 3 months with the latest generation alkaline ”D” cell batteries; up to 6 months with one fully charged 12 volt 60 amp hour battery.
  • Built-in indicator light flashes with each pulse.
  • B11 with stand: self-supporting with carrying handle makes installation simple and convenient: the stand simply pushes into the ground (G35311).
  • Attaches to Gallagher Poly Wire, Poly Tape, galvanized wire or treading posts.
  • Replacement B11 Fence and Earth Leadset (G58400) are also available.


B11 Technical Specifications
Fence Distance : Km 500 Meters
Fence Distance – Realistic 100-300 Meters
Distance Powered : Hectares 0.5 Ha
Input Voltage 12v or 6 x D Batteries
Maximum Stored Energy 0.11 Joules
Maximum Output Energy 0.09 Joules
Output Voltage @ 500 Ω 1,900 Volts
Output Voltage @ 100 Ω 550 Volts
Minimum number of earth rods required 1 Earth Rod
Physical Details
Weight : kilograms 1 kg
Volume : Metric 290 x 110 x 110mm / 850 x 110 x 110mm