MBS6500i & M12,000i Security Fence Energizer Systems

“Ultra-Powerful Multi-powered or Mains Energizers for 24/7 fence monitoring”

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  • Gallagher MBS6500i & M12,000i i-Series Energizers delivers ultra-high power with advanced fence monitoring capabilities for medium to large security fence applications.
  • Working together the i-Series System (energizer, energizer controller, fence zoning monitors, fence voltage alarm monitors (i-Series & FVA voltage monitor), App Gateway or Cellswitch communicators provides fence information at a glance or mobile phone communication, giving the user the opportunity to control the energizer system by mobile phone. If a fault/short circuit is detected the zoning (i-Series fence monitors) helps detects faults quickly, saving the user hours of searching.
  • The MBS6500i energizer will maintain up to 9kV at 100-ohm load (heavy fence load).
  • The M12,000i energizer will maintain an incredible 10kV at 50-ohm loading (extreme fence load) !
  • MBS6500i - Powers up to 7,500 meters of free-standing electric fencing (10 to 15 live wire strands).
  • M12,000i - Powers up to 12,000 meters of free-standing electric fencing (10 to 15 live wire strands).
  • The MBS6500i energizer is multi-powered (230vac or 12v) and the largest off grid energizer available.
  • The M12,000i energizer is mains powered (230v) with inverter battery backup or battery only with solar charging.
  • Receive notification of fence performance (status report) or voltage & amp alarms as per pre-set thresholds via the Gallagher Ag Devices application using the Gallagher App Wifi Gateway or message via application (Accentronix Cellswitch communicator) to your smart phone. Turn the Energizer ON or OFF from your mobile.
  • Energizer can also be connected to a fence voltage alarm system which monitors a section of fence and drives external strobe lights, sirens or alarms panels if the circuit is broken e.g. gate opened or a wire cut.
  • The fence zoning monitor keeps a watchful eye on all corners of your fence or long straight fence sections (a minimum of 1,000 meters spacing on straight fence sections). You can add up to six fence monitors on your fence system to turn it into a fully monitored set up that keeps the energizer controller constantly up to date with fence performance.

The MBS6500i and M12,000i security energizer custom design brings together high power delivery, advanced security features and game animal control combined and is the ideal choice for very long series-parallel fencing systems which require fence monitoring.